PW2XN05S Non-LCD, 4-20mA loop powered output, 0-250psig (0-17.24bar), NIST documentation.

PW2XN05S Non-LCD, 4-20mA loop powered output, 0-250psig (0-17.24bar), NIST documentation.
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The PW2 Series wet/wet pressure transducers incorporate microprocessor profiled sensors for exceptional accuracy and reliability. Easy to use and designed to provide exceptional installation savings, the PW2 Series is ideal for measuring pressure across pumps, filters, heat exchangers, compressors, and other non-corrosive wet media applications. APPLICATIONS Monitoring and controlling pump differential pressure Chiller/boiler differential pressure drop CW/HW system differential pressure Features The jumper-selectable output switch for normal (4-20mA) or reverse (20-4mA) operation provides application flexibility Rugged, die-cast enclosure provides NEMA 4 sealing Exceptional accuracy and stability Dual sensor design for improved overpressure tolerance Jumper-controlled electronic surge dampening for high stability Pushbutton zero calibration – no trim pots to adjust Lowest total installed cost Jumper-selectable port swap feature eliminates costly replumbing when the high and low ports are improperly plumbed...change the jumper position from normal to swap – problem solved! Dual sensor design eliminates the requirement for a bypass valve assembly in most applications Switch-selectable pressure ranges...fewer models to order and stock Pushbutton and remote zero adjustment...maintain accuracy and prevent callbacks with automatic zero calibration