A/CSI-FRZ: 10K Ohms @ 77 Deg F (25 Deg C) Thermistor

A/CSI-FRZ: 10K Ohms @ 77 Deg F (25 Deg C) Thermistor
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The ACI Submersible Thermistor series is an excellent choice for applications where you need to measure temperature in a tank or other extremely moist areas. These sensors provide a predictable output over a specified temperature range to meet each manufacturer’s required input values. They typically come with a two inch stainless steel remote probe and have 30 foot Teflon leads. The most important feature of the ACI Submersible Thermistor Series is that they can be fully submersed without causing the element to fail. Please note that they are rated to be submersed in water of depths up to 18.5 feet. An optional Glycol bottle is available upon request for freezer applications.