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H608 VERIS HAWKEYE CURRENT SWITCH Split core, maximum current: 175A AC

VERIS HAWKEYE H608 Mini Split-Core Adjustable Setpoint Digital Output Current Switches

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H608 VERIS HAWKEYE CURRENT SWITCH Split core, maximum current: 175A AC Zoom



H608 VERIS HAWKEYE CURRENT SWITCH Split core, maximum current: 175A AC, adjustable trip point: 0.5, integral N.O. 1A@30VAC/DC output, LED status, induced powered, mini-sized housing. CE, UL, RoHS. The Hawkeye 600/800 Series go/no current switches provide a cost-effective solution for monitoring status on unit vents, exhaust fans, recirculation pumps and other fixed loads where belt loss is not a concern. Veris has applied new technology to the H600 and H800 models to achieve impressive improvement in turn-on levels. The Hawkeye 600 now has the lowest turn-on current in the industry at a mere 150mA! APPLICATIONS Detect belt loss, coupling shear and mechanical failure Verify lighting circuit and other electrical service run times Monitor status of industrial process equipment Monitor status of critical motors (compressor, fuel, etc.) High performance miniature split-core Low (1.25A) minimum setpoint...eliminates the need for multiple wraps of the conductor through the sensor even on loads as small as 1/5HP Small size fits easily inside small starter enclosures Self-gripping iris eliminates the need for drill mounting...easy installation Status LEDs for easy setup and local indication 1 Amp status output for increased application flexibility Monitor status of fans, pumps & electrical loads Detects belt loss and mechanical failure...ideal for fan/pump status monitoring Reliable cost-effective fan/pump status sensor...the 608 series replaces pressure switches and other electromechanical fitting or tapping required Adjustable set point (1.25-50A) 100% solid moving parts to fail Mounting bracket for installation flexibility 5-year limited warranty

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