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BA/WT-D: BAPI Wireless Duct Temperature Transmitter

BA/WT-D: BAPI Wireless Duct Temperature Transmitter

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BAPI Wireless Duct Temperature Transmitter come with a closed cell foam pad to seal the probe insertion hole and to absorb vibration. Mounting feet allow for easy installation directly to the wall of the duct. The wireless Duct Units come with a watertight BAPI-Box enclosure to withstand high humidity and condensation and perform under real world conditions.

The Wireless Duct unit measures the duct temperature and transmits the data through 418MHz RF to a receiver. It has an in-building range of 100 feet and an estimated battery life of 8 years using two high-capacity 3.6V lithium batteries with a transmit rate of about once every 10 seconds. Each transmitter has a unique address with built in error detection. Each variable sent by the transmitter is picked up by the receiver and converted by a BAPI Analog Output Module to a voltage, current or resistance signal which is sent to the controller. The unit can be set up to trigger an alarm on the controller when the batteries need replacing.

  • 8 Year Battery Life
  • 100 Foot In Building Range, Extendable to 1,000 Feet with Repeater
  • Outputs Can Be Converted to a Voltage, Current or Resistance
  • Probe Lengths: 4”, 8”, 12” and 18”
  • Watertight BAPI-Box Enclosure and Stainless Steel Probes
  • Closed Cell Foam Padding, Etched Teflon Leadwires & Double Encapsulated Sensors


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