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WebCTRL 6.0 Unlimited points supported
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Automated Logic's WebCTRL is a building automation system that offers an intuitive user interface and powerful control features. Your building can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser, eliminating the need for special software on the workstation. Through a browser you can access all building management functions including: setting and changing schedules, adjusting setpoints and other control properties, graphically trending important building conditions, viewing and acknowledging alarms, and running preconfigured and custom reports on energy usage, occupant overrides, tenant billing, and much more. (With WebCTRL's spreadsheet-style report generator, you can create your own reports with ease.) Developed entirely around proven open standards and web technologies, WebCTRL's server software runs on a variety of major platforms, including Windows, Sun Solaris and Linux. Major databases are supported by the server, such as MS SQL Server, My SQL and Oracle. Key Features and Benefits Intuitive, comprehensive building operation with dynamic, interactive graphical access Completely designed around open standards Uses the language of the web (HTTP) to communicate over the Internet or intranet without special software or plug-ins Runs on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and Sun Solaris Advanced alarm management capabilities including email, pagers, network printers, etc. Uses sophisticated system protection with multi-level passwords and Secure Sockets Layer with 128-bit encryption for security Monitors and controls a wide variety of third party HVAC and electrical equipment through a browser Fully compatible with legacy ALC Systems Edition WebCTRL WebCTRL-500 Number of simultaneous users supported Unlimited Unlimited Number of points* supported Unlimited 500 Runs on MS Windows, Red Hat Linux or Sun Solaris Yes Yes Includes MS Access compatible database Yes Yes Supports other JDBC compliant databases Yes Yes Supports web appliances (Palm Pilot, cell phones, etc.) Yes Yes Supports BACnet (TCP/IP) Yes Yes Supports 3rd party integration Yes Yes Includes Alarm and Event Management capabilities Yes Yes Includes Eikon graphic programming tool Yes Yes Includes Viewbuilder graphic assembly tool Yes Yes Custom Reporting See Optional "Advanced Reporting" below Location Dependent and Support for 21 CFR 11 See Optional "Advanced Security" below Send SNMP trap; External DB Write; Write BACnet property; Alarm Popup See Optional "Advanced Alarming" below Data exchange via XML/SOAP (web services) CUTSHEET

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