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PROT485 ALC Surge protection for 156k communications.

ALC PROT485 Surge protection for 156k communications.
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PROT485 ALC Surge protection for 156k communications. Zoom


Key Features and Benefits DIAG485 correctly biases the ARCNET 156 Kbps network independent of the length of the wiring and offers visual diagnostics of the signal levels. PROT485 protects controllers residing on the ARCNET 156 Kbps network within 250 ft. (76m) from induced electrical surges on the twisted pair wiring. REP485 creates a new network segment by amplifying and re-transmitting data - extending the length of the ARCNET 156 Kbps communication bus and the number of control modules that can be connected on one segment. A termination resistor (TERM485) is used to effectively terminate every ARCNET wiring segment, preventing end-of-line reflections and noise. Network Boards That Deliver Superior Performance Designed to ensure the superior performance of ARCNET 156 Kbps in the field, the ARCNET ancillary network boards serve to properly terminate, bias, protect and repeat data transmitted over the twisted pair EIA-485 network. Based on a native BACnetreg architecture, the Automated Logic system uses ARCNET 156 Kbps as the high speed building control network to connect Portal, ME line, SE line and ZN controllers with a family of routers.


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